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The Project Report Tool for Project Planning and Financial Management

We introduce our perfect finance product, the “Project Financing Software”. WINDOWS based software that works to spearhead the management of financial restructuring, to take you towards your desired business goals. An efficient calculation & analysis product that is not only user friendly but also an effective means to enhance financial capabilities. Numerous Chartered Accountants, Financial consultants, Bankers etc. are among our supremely satisfied clients across India and the globe.


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Application Usable Areas

An Intelligent Software, it customizes the input data requirements in accordance to the nature of the industry, e.g. Manufacturing or Service sector.

  • Long term target/projections planning.
  • Financial monitoring & tracking.
  • Financial Planning for sick, diversified or modernised companies.
  • Management Decisions Support for finance & planning.
  • Financial Planning and Budgeting for fresh and existing companies.
  • Consultant & Professionals in the institutions eg. Bank/Management Colleges and Credit Department of all Financial Institutes.
  • Project Appraisal & Feasibility Analysis.

Cost of Project & Means

  1. Allows input of current balance sheets, in order to link the current figures to the projected figures for future expansion projects.
  2. Capacity of Utilisation percentage, Reserve/Dividend percentage.
  3. Working Capital parameters having different levels of stock holding periods, margin money percentage & bank finance interest rates.
  4. Purchase of Assets, depreciation & disposal schedules.
  5. Repayment of liabilities & conversion schedules.
  6. Expense assumptions and their schedules/parameters.
  7. Tax exemptions, slabs and rates.
  8. Sales & Income assumptions and their schedules/parameters.
  9. Other optional assumptions & parameters, those have standard/default values.
  10. Following input data is required to prepare a well structured report:
    1. Fixed Assets
    2. Financial Sources
    3. Project Parameters
    4. Income
    5. Expenses

Financial Analysis

It helps to prepare financial reports as required by banks/ FIs and Venture Capitalists for a good business plan.

  1. BEP Analysis Report
  2. Cash Flow and Fund Flow Statement
  3. Cost of Production and Profitability Statement
  4. Cost of Project
  5. DSCR Report
  6. Loans schedule like Repayment & Interest Schedule
  7. NPV/IRR analysis report
  8. P & L and Balance Sheets
  9. Ratio Analysis like Liquidity ratios; Capital Structure ratios: Activity ratios, etc.
  10. Sensitivity Analysis Report
  11. Stocks Statements
  12. Working Capital Parameters
  13. Unit Cost of Analysis
  14. Annexure Report

Fixed Assets

A number of commonly used headings like Land & Development, Plant & Machinery, Electrification, Vehicles, Furniture & Fixtures, preoperative expenses, etc. are already present in the menu ( on the main screen). The headings are easily customized, new ones can be added or existing deleted as per requirement.

Financial Sources

Financing sources like Term Loan, Secured & Unsecured Bank Loans, Debenture Loans, Working Capital Term Loans, Subsidies & Equity additions are given.

Each option is separately displayed on the menu screen and required input data needs to be filled in. including the year of loan; repayment terms of loan; annual interest rate to calculate interest on outstanding loans by reducing balance method, etc. In the same manner options for equity additions (preference or ordinary) and subsidies (if applicable) are available.

Project Parameters

Various project parameters are available for precise projections including Currency Specification Factor, Plant Capacity Utilization; Dividend percentages, Reserve percentages, NPV/IRR parameters, DSCR parameters, Sensitivity analysis, Ratio parameters, etc.

In each of the above, parameters are displayed separately in different menus on the screen. The parameter information needs to be filled up. Including expected capacity utilization in the projected years, dividend and reserve percentages for each year, working capital parameters, etc.

After data input the software proceeds with its calculations and analysis to provide the various effects including balance sheet and cash flow reflections in respective years with reference to dividends, reserves etc.


Various options provided for this parameter including various income projection bases like:

  • Overall capacity of utilization
  • Sales growth rate
  • Adhoc amount
  • Separate capacity of utilization(in case of multi-products project)

Sales are calculated automatically over projected period once user specifies the parameters of sales. Sales figure will include all relevant details like duties and taxes and will be projected with respect to M.R.P. User can also specify excise percentage, to calculate excise during the cost of production and profit statements.

Many other options like percentage of sales as cash or credit sales, sales from domestic or export market, etc. are given to make projections more precise.


Excellent facility to represent all tables and analysis with Hi-tech Graphs for easy visibility and understanding of the figure trends. 2 and 3 Dimensional Line/Area/Step/Bar/Pie charts and graphs can be prepared. The graphs support mix color modes and can represent multiple projections at a time.[See Example]

Unique Features

  • Very easy to use with a user-friendly interface that is menu driven. The menus are developed with a sequential and rational structure.

  • Provides long period scale projects spanning over multiple years.

  • Supports flexible handling of assets/liabilities to purchase/dispose.

  • Supports planning for renovation of assets, modernization and diversification of business, inflations/deflations, all individual income/expense heads, planning/projections to assist planning, budgeting, tracking and monitoring.

  • Provides support and risk analysis through BEP analysis, IRR analysis and NPV analysis, at user specified rates. Static analysis is of no relevance and therefore facility of risk analysis technique– Sensitivity Analysis is given to precisely predict the viability of a project.

  • In ratio analysis – an alert system is provided. Upper/lower limit of ratios can be fixed. E. g.. When printing report sheets, the software automatically show ratios above or below the range in a different color to facilitate figure adjustments to correct the ratios.

  • For Working Capital calculation, first line and second line methods are provided. First line method calculates margin money on the net current assets which fetches more bank finance and therefore advisable for fresh projects. Second line method calculates margin money on the gross current assets to show increased margin money. These parameters can also be specified specific to particular stocks & products. This method is good for healthy and settled businesses.

  • Unit Cost Analysis to judge efficiency & productivity of each product including breakup of direct/indirect of unit cost composition.

  • Analysis project stability & sensitivity through variations in Profitability, Debt Coverage & Liquidity to incorporate defined variations in income/expenses.

  • Currency conversion for reports to reflect the figures in various currencies is provided along with the ease of input for different conversion rates and dividing factors.

  • Practical way of planning & projections to assist planning, budgeting, tracking & monitoring.

  • The software contains many more such facilities, which enhances the probability of accuracy of the projections. Phase wise project planning & projections.


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