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1) Can I enter my last year audited balance sheet?
Ans. Yes, you can enter last year audited balance sheet. In input & assumptions –Existing Data you can enter last year balance sheet.

2) Can we prepare report in currency other than rupee?
Ans. Yes, you can prepare report in almost all major currencies like pound, dollar, and yen. In input & assumption–Proposed Data –Project Parameters -Currency Specification factor exchange rate can be specified.

3) Can I change my method of depreciation?
Ans. Yes, apart from SLM you can charge depreciation according to WDV method. In Input & assumptions —Proposed Data –Project Parameters —Depreciation Parameters.

4) Can I define my repayment schedule like according to balloon method etc.?
Ans. Yes, repayment schedule can be defined by us. In Input & Assumptions Proposed Datameans of finance -Proposed Loan.

5) Can we prepare this for any kind of entity?
Ans. Yes, the report can be exported to word, excel & accordingly report can be edited depending on type of entity.

6) How do I input my closing stock?
Ans. In Input & Assumptions —Proposed Data—-Project Parameters—-WC Parameters, You can give the holding period days & on this basis software would calculate stock of all types of closing stock like raw material, work in progress, finished goods.

7) Where do I input working capital bank finance?
Ans. In Input & Assumptions —Proposed Data—-Project Parameters—-WC Parameters, column is given to input working capital bank finance every year.

8) Can I exclude my working capital loan from DSCR calculation?
Ans. In Input & Assumptions —Proposed Data—-Project Parameters—-WC Parameters, option is given to select whether WC loans for working capital Related or not related.

9) Can I Input details of multi products?
Ans. In Input & Assumptions —Proposed Data—-Incomes, you can input sales of multiple products by clicking on add button.

10) For how many years I have to input my basic data?
Ans. Only one year minimum data has to be input for further year’s capacity utilization, growth rate can be given.

11) Can I display various products sales & cost differently in cost of production & profitability statement?
Ans. In Input & Assumptions —Proposed Data—-Incomes & Expenses when we add a product we have given option to select display mode in reports whether independent or grouped.

12) Is it possible to prepare graphs in all reports?
Ans. When report is opened in on screen preview you can insert graph in it.

13) Can graphs be exported to word/excel?
Ans. Yes, graphs can be copied to clipboard & then it could be pasted in word/excel.

14) Can in a report we define items to be included in graph?
Ans. When we open report in print preview option is given to select rows to be included for graph.

15) Is option available to export reports to word/excel/PDF etc. . ?
Ans. When we open report in Print Preview there when we click on save report button a dialogue box opens which allows us to select file type in which we want to save report.

16) Can I copy data from one client to other?
Ans. We can take back up of a project & then make changes in name of client & older client can be restored.

17) Where do I enter my assumptions?
Ans. In Input & assumptions –Proposed Data – Incomes & Expenses, when we enter product details option is given to enter description. This description will appear in annexure report.

18) Can I keep software password protected?
Ans. Yes option is available to change username & password. In File–Change password we can change both username & password.

19) Can I relate expenses to product?
Ans. Yes, expenses can be related to product sold. In Input & assumptions –Proposed Data —Expenses option is available to select the product name to which we want to relate the product.

20) Are sensitivity analysis calculations possible?
Ans. Yes, calculations on various parameters like sales , raw material , power & fuel , factory overheads & various other parameters can be made .

21) How do I input my income tax parameters?
Ans. In Input & Assumptions —Proposed Data—-Project Parameters—-Income Tax Parameters Here slab rates can be given on incremental basis.


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